• Community Mediation Maryland (CMM)
  • Maryland Mediation and Conflict Resolution Office (MACRO)
  • Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS)
  • Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)
  • Department of Juvenile Services (DJS)
  • Commission on Common Ownership Communities (CCOC)
  • Family (Shelter) Mediation Program
  • State's Attorney's Office
  • District Court of the State of Maryland
  • Remedes
  • RecycleMyComputer
  • Other Partners and Resources
Community Mediation Maryland is a non-profit organization that advances community mediation in Maryland through educating the public, training, networking, research and creating new centers. CMM’s vision is for every Maryland citizen to have awareness of, and access to, affordable and high quality community mediation services.
The Maryland Mediation and Conflict Resolution Office is a court-related agency, which serves as an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) resource for the state. MACRO supports innovative dispute resolution programs, and promotes the appropriate use of ADR in every field.
CRCMC has two programs for adults. One is a partnership with the three school unions and the Employee Assistance Program to mediate interpersonal disputes between school personnel.

Our second program provides volunteer facilitators for Individualized Educational Program (IEP) meetings between parents of special needs students and school personnel. CRCMC also is involved in the MCPS Parent Academy which provides workshops for parents.

CRCMC partners with the Department of Health and Human Services to provide bilingual mediation services to the underserved populations of Montgomery County.
The Department of Juvenile Services refers community conferencing cases directly to CRCMC. Community conferences are facilitated processes involving the communities of both a youth who has caused harm and those who have been affected by the youth’s behavior. If an agreement is reached (which happens in 75-80% of the cases) the matter is dropped by DJS.
Through CCOC, CRCMC has been mediating disputes between homeowners and their association boards. As a result, more and more communities learn about CRCMC and turn to us to help resolve interpersonal and neighborhood disputes.
CRCMC partners with the Department of Health and Human Services to mediate the conditions under which a young mother can remain in a home, rather than enter the shelter system with her small children. Initial screening for active drug and alcohol abuse or child abuse is done with Emergency Housing Services.
CRCMC has an agreement with the State’s Attorney’s Office to provide volunteer mediators for civil cases to help that office with its large caseload.
Day of Trial Mediations Cases for mediation are referred by judges, attorneys or litigants. Cases involve small claims, interpersonal issues, workplace disputes, consumer disputes and neighbor conflicts.

Peace Order Mediations CRCMC volunteers mediate Peace Orders in the District Court.

CRCMC has a strong partner in Remedes, a network of Spanish-speaking trained mediators in the metropolitan DC area. We are able to conduct mediations and other conflict resolution services entirely in Spanish.
We share office space with another nonprofit called RecycleMyComputer, which accepts donated computers and refurbishes them so they can be donated to low income seniors. We would like to thank them for the IT assistance they continue to offer to us so generously and for the great work they do for the community.

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