Facilitation and Community Solutions

Facilitation is a group process that allows people to work collaboratively to reach a solution through a participatory decision-making process. The CRCMC facilitator works as a neutral third party to facilitate a conversation between the participants in a safe environment. He or she can identify the people and groups who need to be involved, assist in the plan and design of meetings, help the group identify important issues, encourage the exchange of information, and support participants in clarifying their goals and options so they can reach a consensus.

CRCMC volunteer facilitators respond to requests from communities, the Department of Parks and Planning, and other County agencies and groups who desire the assistance of neutral facilitators to help them work through problems facing their community. These meetings may include several different groups within the community and can extend over several months.

The benefits of facilitation include making everyone comfortable with participating, ensuring that all participants ideas are heard, resolving issues before positions become entrenched, enabling community members to find common ground, and allowing the group to take ownership of its decisions.

Requests are confidential and your participation is voluntary at every step of the process.