Youth Restorative Services


Youth Restorative Services

CRCMC’s extensive youth programs are discussed below.  In addition to those programs, CRCMC mediates disputes between school employees through the school system’s Employee Assistance Program.  Also, upon request by a parent of a student with special education needs or school system personnel, CRCMC facilitates meetings to develop the student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP). 

Youth Restorative Services cont:

Research showing that schools that incorporated this approach became safer environments with improved achievement, due to this CRCMC has developed several youth programs. These programs seek to address a continuum of intensity, from arguments to damaging conflicts.

IN-SCHOOL MEDIATION: The In-School Mediation Program serves schools with students from low-income families and high-need students. CRCMC staff and volunteers are at the schools several days a week to provide on-site mediation and alternative dispute resolution services as conflicts arise. This allows students and school staff to address conflicts before they escalate. 

DIALOGUE CIRCLES: Dialogue circles are open discussions where groups of 8 to 10 at-risk students are encouraged by the CRCMC facilitator (a “Keeper”) to discuss topics that allow the students to explore various conflict resolution strategies in a safe space. 

Requests are confidential, and your participation is voluntary at every step of the process!
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